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Sicam Tyre Changer

sicam tyre changer

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Capehart Changer Motor 1

Capehart Changer Motor 1

This motor came from a 1937 Capehart Sheraton console. The casting on the top gave way in the 1950's, and prevented the changer from working. The bolts protruding from the casting are normally screwed down all the way into threads on the opposing casting. They are 8-32 threads. The short bolts are 1/4-28 bolts that hold the mounting bracket below.

Sturmey Archer gear changers

Sturmey Archer gear changers

Vintage gear changers, these were positioned on the upper horizontal frametube.

The two on the right came from a 1936 and a 1938 bicycle.
On the left two older ones, the one on the back has the text "S.A .England", the one in front says "S.A. Gears".

sicam tyre changer

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