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Kawasaki Atv Tires

kawasaki atv tires

  • An industrial city in eastern Japan, on the southeastern coast of the island of Honshu; pop. 1,174,000

  • claims a 20 percent increase in cooling efficiency.

  • Kawasaki is a surname of Japanese origin.

  • (tire) exhaust or get tired through overuse or great strain or stress; "We wore ourselves out on this hike"

  • Cause to feel in need of rest or sleep; weary

  • Lose interest in; become bored with

  • Become in need of rest or sleep; grow weary

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  • (tire) hoop that covers a wheel; "automobile tires are usually made of rubber and filled with compressed air"

  • CTV Atlantic (formerly known as the Atlantic Television System, or ATV) is a system of four television stations in the Canadian Maritimes, owned and operated by the CTV Television Network, a division of CTVglobemedia.

  • ATV is currently the largest commercial television station in Austria and was originally the first commercial station to be aired via transmitters after a long time when commercial broadcasts in Austria were only possible via satellite or cable and the national public broadcaster ORF held a

  • All-terrain vehicle

  • ATV is the Aruba NBC affiliate, broadcasting on Channel 15 (cable 8) in the NTSC television standard. The station has the call-sign of PJA-TV (following the standard in the Netherlands and Netherlands Antilles, with PJ callsigns), though it goes by its branding of "Aruba Television".

Site of the Tanaka Honjin (the Lower Honjin) in Kawasaki Juku on the Old Tokaido

Site of the Tanaka Honjin (the Lower Honjin) in Kawasaki Juku on the Old Tokaido

The Slender Historical Marker noted at the left of the image reads:




An only1tanuki translation to English:

"Kawasaki History Guide: Tokaido and Daishi Road

Tanaka Honjin and Kyugu

Tanaka (Hyogo) Honjin is the oldest Honjin to provide accommodations, since Kan'ei 5 (1628). This is the home of Kyugu, who was responsible for the Post Town's Fiscal Reform. He was also known to be the author of Minkan Seiyo, "Reflections on Civil Society," which discussed agricultural administration of that time."

• Kawasaki Juku (???) was the last Post Station to be established on the Old Tokaido, in 1623.
• Kyugu (??) became the Kawasaki Juku Headman in 1707, at a time when its buildings were in shambles and the entire Post Town was operating at an annual loss.
• After securing the rights to charge for ferrying travelers across the Tamagawa in 1709, he also gained the right for Inns in Kawasaki Juku to hire "maidservants." Within a short time, Kawasaki Juku became financially independent. This led to Kyugu being able to use a surname, Tanaka, as well as an appointment as an administrator for the Tokugawa Bakufu.
• "Minkan Seiyo" (????) has been translated many ways. "Reflections on Civil Society," "Frugality of the People," Etc. It consisted of 17 volumes, all arguing that to increase land tax and other burdens on the farmers of Japan enforced a cycle of destitution and a degradation of morality, rather than cultivating a life of virtue.
• Kyugu died in the year 1729, the same year he took the name Tanaka Hyogo and was appointed by Tokugawa Yoshimune as the Prefectural Governor of an area that encompassed parts of Saitama and Tama.

**PLEASE NOTE: This translation is mine. Any suggestions on how to improve it are appreciated.**

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